Update Philosophies

I was driving yesterday and started ruminating on some of the issues I’ve had with my high tech EV. It’s a 2017 Chevy Bolt.

I probably wouldn’t be considered an early adopter since Tesla had several models out, the Nissan Leaf had been around for a couple of years and even Chevy had the Spark.

The Tesla Model 3 was still a couple of years away and that was one of the prime reasons I opted for the Bolt. The Bolt had the longest range of any EV at the time and driving it took me back to my 3 series BMW: Great handling, quick acceleration and a blast to drive.

I could go on at length about all of the issues with chargers (both fast and slow) and range, but I really wanted to talk about how the philosophies of software updates differ between the auto industry and the computer industry.

I’m going to limit my discussion to Chevy because I don’t own a Nissan Leaf, BMW 3i or Kia Niro and haven’t talked to anyone who does to find out more about their approaches.
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