Coffee and laptops

About 3 weeks ago, I tried to share a cup of coffee with my laptop. It wasn’t happy.

We have a bunch of coffee mugs from a set of dishes made by Pfaltzgraff. They are probably close to 10 years old now and the handles keep breaking off. Literally, the handle detaches from the mug. The set started with 8 mugs and I’ve superglued 4 of them back on now.

So, 3 weeks ago, I sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee, opened up my laptop, lifted the mug to take a drink and about 6 inches above the desk the handle detached and the mug dropped back to the desk. I was poised with only the handle in my hand as coffee flooded the keyboard (Murphy’s law).
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One of my coworkers is a refugee from one of Trump’s shithole countries. He is college educated with a degree in business economics, speaks 5 languages fluently and was an instructor in one of them. He currently holds down a full time job and a part time job and is starting his own business. All while sending 3 daughters to college.

I can certainly see why we wouldn’t want his kind here.